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Cellar Conversions St George

Convert your St George cellar and gain more living space!

If you have an underground room that’s not being used, why not consider cellar conversions St George? The professionals in our network of providers can help you turn that dull and dreary space into something functional. That way, you can begin enjoying your cellar rather than viewing it as simply storage space.
What is a Cellar? A cellar is an underground room or enclosed area underneath a building. It differs from a basement in that it normally has very low ceilings and may even have a dirt floor. Cellars that are located underneath a house may have their own entrance and are typically not accessible from inside the home. They are often found in many older farmhouses, as they were traditionally used to store the harvest in during the winter months.
Reasons to Consider St George Cellar Conversions: Cellar conversions can be beneficial for a number of reasons. The unused space can be turned into a child’s playroom, extra sleeping quarters, or a storm shelter. Renovating a cellar can also help clear up any moisture problems that are present, thereby preventing future damage to foundations. A cellar can also be more desirable to use for its original purpose of storing food, so you just might be inspired to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables as a result.
High-Tech Storage Space: Most root and wine cellars are relatively small, which means they’re best when used for things like storage. You can convert your root or wine cellar into a high-tech, modern storage room that you can access from inside your home. With everything from climate control to shelving and precision lighting, you’ll be able to find all your everyday needs. In fact, you can continue to store your food and your wine in the cellar, along with other items from your pantry, small appliances, fine china, and more. It’s like having a walk-in closet for your kitchen.
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St George cellar conversionSteps involved in Cellar Conversions: Before any construction can begin, it’s important for the structure to be inspected thoroughly. That way, you will already be aware of any water problems or foundation repairs that need to be addressed first. Once the cellar is structurally sound, contractors can go to work converting the area into a functional space that will suit the purpose you desire. This can include adding paneling or plasterboard, floor coverings, lighting and a heat source. Often, St George cellar conversions can be done more affordably than adding a new room to an existing structure.
How Difficult Is It to Convert a Cellar? If you have an old wine or root cellar under your home that you don't use, you may have wondered if there's a way to turn it into usable space. While it's certainly possible, it often takes a lot of work to do so – especially if the only way to access that space is from the outside of your home. The walls will need to be supported, floors will need to be added, and you'll need to run additional electricity and create an entrance from inside your home, too. Many St George homeowners also choose to increase the size of their cellars before finishing them, but this isn't feasible in every situation.
Considerations: There are lots of things to consider when it comes to cellar conversions. All St George residents need to take the following things into account in order to make the most of this space renovation:

• Lighting and electrical – since many cellars have substandard wiring, this may require a complete upgrade
• Plumbing – many cellars do not contain plumbing lines so if water is being added, these will needed to be installed as well
• Heat – if the area is not already heated, it might be necessary to add a fireplace or wood stove to the cellar
• Windows – these fixtures may need to be added if the area is being used as additional living space
• Security – if an entrance is located outside, special precautions may be needed in order to limit access
• Floors – new concrete might need to be laid whenever there are dirt floors or existing floors are broken or cracked
• Building codes – in some areas, it might be necessary to get a permit before beginning construction and renovations may need to meet certain code requirements as well
St George Cellar Conversion Costs: By now you are probably wondering how much cellar conversions St George will cost. The price of this construction varies based on what type of condition this space is in. When major repairs need to be made in order to waterproof it or repair broken masonry, the cost of renovation increases substantially. The cost can also be vary based on what the room is going to be used for, as cellars that are being converted into extra living space cost more than those that are being remodelled to use for storage. Finally, the amount of space being converted is also a major contributor in determining the overall cost.
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Your St George cellar conversion questions answered
  • What types of cellars can be converted to other uses? Those that are dry, well lit, and have adequate head space can easily be converted.
  • Why should I consider a cellar conversion? A cellar conversion can help you take unused space and make it into something functional at a fraction of the cost it would be to build an additional room on.
  • How long do cellar conversions take? A basic cellar conversion can normally be accomplished in a few weeks. More complicated conversions, especially those where you will be expanding the cellar or creating new one, can take several months to complete.
  • What can I expect to pay for a cellar conversion? This will depend on the size of your cellar and the amount of conversion you wish to do. Basic conversions will often cost less than £1,500. More complicated projects can cost up to £10,000 or more.
  • Do I need to waterproof my St George cellar before undergoing a conversion? Yes, as cellars that hold water cannot easily be converted. The same methods used to waterproof a basement can be used to keep your cellar dry, including installing a sump pump.
  • Can a cellar conversion provide a comfortable storm shelter? It's been said that England is the tornado capital of the world, and this can create stress for many homeowners. A wine or root cellar is the perfect way to protect yourself during severe weather events, but unfinished spaces are dark, damp, and uncomfortable. It's possible to convert your cellar into a simple, comfortable storm shelter with extra space for storing non-perishable food items, emergency supplies, and more.
  • Can I convert my cellar into a bedroom? While this is possible in most cases, it’s not always ideal. Keep in mind that most cellars aren’t large enough to be bedrooms, and that there’s a lot that goes into making an appropriate living space - especially if you’re going to meet building regulations. Cellars can be made into bedrooms, but they’re far better suited for shelters and extra storage space.
  • Will I have to enter the new space from outside? One of the biggest challenges involved in cellar conversions has to do with creating a new entry point that doesn’t require homeowners to go outside. However, this depends on the location of the cellar in relation to your home. If the cellar is located just below your home’s foundation, it may be possible to add a "trap door" with a fold-out staircase allowing you to enter from inside your home. In some cases, it’s possible to add an extra door and full staircase, much like a smaller version of a basement entry. Your contractor can provide you with more information.
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