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New St George bedroom extensions could be needed if you have mobility issues and need to open up your space to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs. It could also be needed if you have children who are sharing a very small space together. Bedroom extensions can even be performed so that there is more room for a walk-in closet or sitting area. Get quotes on bedroom extensions by taking advantage of our free service.
Common Reasons to Consider Bedroom Extensions When it comes to home additions, bedroom extensions are by far the most popular. That's because they're relatively simple additions, whether you're adding them on the main floor or as a second floor. If you love your St George neighbourhood and home, but your family is growing too large for the space you have available, bedroom extensions offer the perfect opportunity to add a nursery, a child's room, or even a separate apartment for an ageing parent. The possibilities are truly endless.
When performing bedroom extensions, you have several options. One is to extend your exterior walls outward to provide a larger bedroom area. The other is to knock down an interior wall so that the space is enlarged. This is an excellent choice whenever you have a bedroom joining a closet, hallway, or other room that receives little use. Expanding exterior walls is a better option when you can't take space from adjoining areas, or completely want to change the aesthetics of your home to reflect a different style.
Master Bedrooms with On-Suite Bathrooms: While living in a small house can have its benefits, most homeowners want large, stunning master bedrooms with their own on-suite baths. Unfortunately, small houses are typically unable to provide this. One of the most popular bedroom extension projects involves building a brand-new bedroom complete with all the luxuries Ė a walk-in closet, an on-suite bath, and more. Keep in mind that this is a much larger project than adding a simple bedroom with just four walls, and itís unlikely youíll be able to find a prefabricated or modular extension that will suit your needs. Youíll need to prepare for a longer project time as well as a costlier project due to plumbing and labour.
Multiple Bedroom Extensions: Sometimes, it may seem logical to add more than one bedroom at a time. After all, if youíre going to be dealing with the new construction, you may as well go ahead and finish it all now. If you plan to add an additional room (or rooms) in the future, it may be worth your while to consider adding all of them at the same time. First, youíll save on your labor costs since the contractors will already be on-site with their tools and equipment. Whatís more, you may be able to save on material costs by placing larger orders. This is even true of prefabricated and modular extensions, too.
St George bedroom extension costsSt George Bedroom Extension Costs: Typical St George bedroom extension prices will vary based upon how much space you are adding and the extent of modification that needs to be done. Extending exterior walls is generally more expensive than tearing down interior walls is, because of the additional support the framework of your house will need. Many people add new carpeting and paint at the same time they have a room extension done, and this will raise the cost of a project somewhat as well.

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  • What are the most common types of bedroom extensions? Most bedroom extensions are designed to either expand the sleeping area in the room, or to expand the storage space in the closets. It can also be used to create a smaller room, for a child or a hobby.
  • Do I need planning permissions to complete a bedroom extension? Not if the extensions are all going to be within the house. In general, you only need planning permissions if you are working on a bedroom extension that expands beyond the pre-established boundaries of the home.
  • How large should a bedroom be in order to accommodate someone in a wheelchair? Your extension should be large enough to allow for at least 1.5 metres of turning space inside it. Be sure to account for the space thatís required for furniture.
  • Can my extension be an apartment space? Absolutely. This type of extension is more expensive because it requires additional plumbing and electrical work, but if you want to add an apartment for an adult, or if you're interested in renting out a spare room, it's certainly possible.
  • How big can my extension be? The only things limiting the size of your bedroom extension are building regulations and property lines. You can build a bedroom in any size or shape youíd like as long as you arenít violating local regulations and you have enough property to do so. If it is very significant in size, you may need to add load-bearing walls or beams to support the roof.
  • Can I convert a conservatory into a bedroom? Yes, you can! You may still need to obtain the proper permissions, depending on local building regulations, but contractors can help you add or reinforce walls, roof insulation, windows, and more to turn your conservatory into a bedroom. Things that may influence the projectís cost and duration include everything from electrical wiring to size, so keep these things in mind.
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